Raw product information

Raw’s USPs are the combination of a true uncoated feel with a coated print performance.
Its natural whiteness and high bulk make Raw a perfect choice for delivering emotions via multiple senses.

  • True uncoated feel
  • Coated print performance
  • Highest bulk & natural whiteness

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What are examples of Raw end-uses?

Raw is a special coated fine paper with highest roughness in order to achieve an uncoated feel. Bulk and whiteness levels are in the area of an uncoated and its printability outperforms the level of every uncoated paper in the market.
  • Higher value books or coffee table books
  • High end lifestyle catalogues and brochures
  • Specialist magazines and supplements

Technical specifications

Raw is a coated fine paper available in sheets and reels for offset printing
Parameter Standard Unit        
Basis weight ISO 536 g/m² 115 135 150 170
Brightness ISO 2470-2 % 104 104 104 104
CIE whiteness (D65/10°) ISO 11475 % 144 144 144 144
Opacity ISO 2471 % 96,0 97,0 98,0 99,0
Roughness PPS ISO 8791-4 µm 5,8 5,8 5,8 5,8
Thickness ISO 534 µm 138 162 180 204
Bulk ISO 534 cm³/g 1,20 1,20 1,20 1,20
Relative humidity TAPPI 502 % 50 50 50 50

Print applications

  • Guaranteed for Sheet Fed Offset
  • Suitable for HP Indigo and Dry Toner

Print recommendations

  • Characterisation data “Fogra 51L” or respectively “PSOcoated_v3.icc” is most applicable for pre press settings
  • Use Under Color Removal (UCR) in areas with heavy ink coverages. Max TAC (Total Area Coverage) should be at 300%
  • Screening and dot gain: 
    • Conventional: Curve A in ISO 12647-2 (70-80 l/cm)
    • Stochastic: Curve E in ISO 12647-2 (spot size 25µm)
  • Protect the printed surface with a thin sealing layer from rub off. Based on our experiences an applied amount of 3,5g dispersion varnish per square meter (13cm³/m²) leads to optimal results
  • Raw requires more nip pressure. An increase of about 0,04mm above standard leads to a more even print result in screens and solids.



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Show through (opacity) ●●●●●
Image reproduction quality  ●●●●○
Bulky, thick feel ●●●●●
Shiny, glossy surface N/A
Read without surface glare ●●●●●
Smoothness of surface ●○○○○
Whiteness ●●●●●

Available Weights
115 g/m²
135 g/m²
150 g/m²
170 g/m²
The table below offers the visual and tactile attributes of Raw within the range